Global decarbonization moves by rail

CO2Rail leverages a proprietary system powered by regenerative braking technology to achieve both low-cost rail decarbonization and rail-based carbon removal by capitalizing on existing infrastructure.

The problem

Globally, trains dissipate ~350 tWh/year of braking energy as waste heat, which is more than all but 10 countries use annually.  

Currently, the rail industry is on track to emit 85Mt+ CO2 annually, but options to decarbonize – like electrification and hydrogen – will require significant infrastructure investments and time to scale.

> 1 GT CO2

removals possible

CO2Rail has the potential to achieve a Gigaton scale of carbon removal annually if just 50% of the world’s wasted train braking energy was leveraged for Direct Air Capture.


Our solution


CO2Rail is comprised of two complementary systems:

Diesel Exhaust CCS
Ambient Air DAC
Our Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) system can effectively capture up to 70% of of a diesel locomotive’s exhaust.
Our Direct Air Capture (DAC) system can sit in any configuration on a train and uses energy from a regenerative braking system to capture carbon from ambient air.
Image of CO2Rail Train

Key features

Money Icon
Low-cost method to decarbonize

By leveraging economic value from the 45Q tax program and capturing otherwise wasted energy, CO2Rail is a low-cost method of rail operators to decarbonize

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Modular & scalable approach

Operators can scale our solution as far and wide as they need – tacking on additional railcars as needed to decarbonize their operations

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Leverages existing infrastructure

Implementing CO2Rail requires only minor adjustments to a locomotive's system and operations – making it an effective short-term decarbonization method

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Optimal method for reducing carbon footprint

Compared to alternative uses of the wasted braking energy, such as propelling the train, CO2Rail is most effective and can uniquely enable the train to become carbon net-negative


Discover what makes CO2Rail unique

Understand the proprietary technology behind CO2Rail's direct air carbon capture via this peer-reviewed research paper

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