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CO2Rail Operation Primer

Image of CO2Rail Train

Our regenerative braking system converts curently wasted braking energy from a train’s operations into electricity similar to that of any other EV but at a much greater scale given the tremendous kinetic energy of a train.

The energy generated from the braking system is stored in a battery that is housed underneath the rail car.

Our battery has a capacity of 2,400 kWh, the same as 24 Teslas.

Our unique airflow system omits the need for traditional fans by leveraging the slipstream of the train to move up to 15,000 m3 of air per minute through the system for CO2 mitigation.

Our carbon collection unit is the beating heart of the system. Using a variety of CO2 sorbents, we are able to effectively capture this powerful greenhouse gas from both ambient air and diesel exhaust and convert it to pure liquid CO2.

Finally, the carbon is stored in a 15T cryogenic storage tank where it is off-loaded daily at crew change or fueling stops into normal CO2 rail tank cars and then transported to the nearest geological sequestration site or into the circular carbon economy.

Unique advantages of CO2Rail

Lowest investment requirement to scale compared to other solutions. Our system uses the expansive infrastucture already in place with a global rail system that would reach to the moon and back twice over and with railcars that would circle the globe four times if put end-to-end.

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Leverages currently wasted sustainable energy. By tapping into the train's wasted braking energy generated from already running trains moving freight and passengers, we are able to significant lower the cost of DAC, ultimately aiming for a cost of <$50/ton

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Our system is sorbent agnostic and provides a unique platform for a suite of DAC and CCS technologies, both existing and anticipated. Whether electro, temperature, pressure, humidity or other types of desorption, the CO2Rail platform can deploy at scale and is easily upgradable.

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Understand the proprietary technology behind CO2Rail's direct air carbon capture via this peer-reviewed research paper