Image of CO2Rail Train

Our regenerative braking system converts excess wasted heat energy from a train’s operations into electricity.

Our IP protects our right to use this technology to power a Carbon Capture and DAC system – providing us with significant protections

The energy generated from the braking system is stored in a battery that is housed underneath the rail car.

Our battery has a capacity of 2,400 kWh.
That’s the same as 24 Teslas!

Our unique airflow system omits the need for traditional fans by leveraging the speed of the train to move 15,000 m3 of air per minute through the system.

Our carbon collection unit is the beating heart of the system. Using liquid-sorbents, we are able to effectively capture and compress carbon from the ambient air and convert it to liquid CO2.

Finally, the carbon is stored in a 15T cryogenic storage tank.

Unique advantages of CO2Rail

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Low investment requirement in infrastructure – compared to other solutions, our system requires minimal investments in large scale infrastructure

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Leverages low-cost energy: by tapping into otherwise wasted energy we are able to significant lower the cost of DAC, ultimately aiming for a cost of <$50/ton

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Technology agnostic: our platform provides a unique system for various DAC technology, with abundant airflow, low cost and renewable energy, and access to carbon sequestration sites

Discover what makes CO2Rail unique

Understand the proprietary technology behind CO2Rail's direct air carbon capture via this peer-reviewed research paper