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CO2Rail Company
Q2 2023 Seed+ Raise

Welcome to the CO2Rail pitch site! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our venture.

CO2Rail Company is a US-based climate tech start-up that has developed proprietary rail-based Direct Air Capture (DAC) and Locomotive Emissions Mitigation (CCS) technology that together can make rail the world's first carbon negative mode of transportation.

By harnessing the power and scale of the rail industry to eliminate the deployment hurdles of traditional carbon capture technology, the CO2Rail platform is the fastest and most-scalable approach to remove CO2 at a gigaton-scale.

CO2Rail's goal is to use this technology to drive the next rail boom by transforming the expansive global rail network into a critical climate solution. We are currently raising $7-8M to build our first full-scale prototype.

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World's First Carbon-Negative Transportation


We have spent the last 3+ years developing this technology. We have made significant recent progress, having recently received our first equity investments and spawned substantial excitement in carbon removal.

Substantial Excitment
Our peer-reviewed research paper detailing the CO2Rail concept and impact potential was published in the world's 2nd highest-rated energy journal in July 20, 2022. This garnered global recognition in thousands of media outlets including Forbes, BBC, CNN, Washington Post, Daily Beast, Railway Age, and many others.
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Fundraising Ask

Our ask is for you to consider funding CO2Rail Company to support our full-scale, phase 1 prototype build allowing for railroad deployment of the base technology in early 2024.

Next Steps

If CO2Rail might be a good fit for your investment thesis, we would be pleased to share more information and schedule a presentation. We look forward to hearing from you and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Below, you can access CO2Rail’s Data Room to aide in your analysis of this opportunity. Please request access using the link below and then look out for an invitation from SharePoint.  The onboarding process does require the use of a Microsoft account for authentication.

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